Business can be complex...
managing your calls is simple with
MAC Connect

How We Can Help

Whether you are looking for inbound or outbound call center services, or both, MAC-Connect offers a variety of customized voice service solutions providing best-in-class person to person interactions. We work with you to tailor a customized solution as full spectrum-or overflow call volume support. Our dedicated team has:

  • experience with multiple CRM, EMR platforms

  • HIPAA compliant training to handle sensitive information

  • handles multiple customized phone scripts for different locations, departments

The multi-touch point approach increases response rates and sales purchases. For a fraction of the cost, call center services bring attention to your postal piece digital efforts and drives traffic to your web site. MAC-Connect will work with you to get the most effective strategy on your goals.

Why a Call center


  • Only select service(s) you need without huge investment expenses

  • Can change, add or remove services at any time based on your current needs

  • Boost Productivity/Reduce Staffing Cost:

  • Free up time for staff to focus on other tasks at hand

  • MAC-Connect hires, trains and manages staff to provide coverage across the board so you do not pay for any downtime. Knowledgeable with multiple CRM/ERM systems

  • Experts in multiple industries and telemarketing best practices and regulations

  • Data Reporting:

  • Receive weekly details about your call volume, type of calls which assists you to transform your processes and patient relationships